Mt Rainier Tours – Everything You Need to Know

Mt. Rainier is always teeming with flora and fauna and carries with it a fascinating history. Relatively young, as far as mountains go, Mt. Rainier began to form approximately a million years (give and take) ago. It houses several glaciers and is home to coniferous trees, meadows, lakes, waterfalls, and wildflowers during the summer times.

It can be an incredible experience to see Mt. Rainier up close and from a higher vantage point. It is easy to access from the city of Seattle via amazing short and planned excursions. The best Mt Rainier tours from Seattle are the ones that combine helicopter rides for an aerial view of the mountain and a hike to see it more closely.

Things to See

The ideal Mt. Rainier tour will cover a route that will enable visitors to see it in all its glory. If you choose an Mt. Rainier tour from Seattle, you can go with reliable operators offering helicopter rides covering the scope of the mountain. From your aerial viewpoint, you should be able to see the cascades, the wilderness, peaks, and even spot some animals roaming Mt. Rainier. The ideal route will include the chopper ride over the Cascade foothills, being up close with Snoqualmie Falls, and smooth riding over the many valleys and peaks of the mountain while you sit comfortably in the helicopter. If the sky is clearer than usual, you can even catch a glimpse of nearby attractions such as Mt. Adams, Mt. Hood, Mt. Baker, and more.

For a better experience, choose an operator who offers the option to hike on the mountain after the helicopter ride. It can be a glorious experience to go a bit nearer to the cascades or touch the green mountain grass after watching these from afar. It can be magical to see some of the flora and fauna up close in their natural habitat.

The ideal ride would be at least 35 minutes of duration. You will need this much time to see everything on your Mt Rainer helicopter ride without missing important sights. Your operator must also offer you the option to select an extended ride if you wish so. Many reliable operators arrange for extended rides for reasonable additions to the cost of the tour.

The Tour Essentials

It is not every day that you fly over a mountain and then see it up close.

For an enjoyable ride, you need to arrange it with the help of reliable tour operators. Choose a company with experienced pilots, up-to-date helicopters, and tour guides.

You should be able to enjoy your Mt. Rainier tour in smaller groups so that it’s safer and more personalized. Ideally, the group size mustn’t be more than six people at a time.

The guide should be knowledgeable enough to provide you with all the relevant details about the things you will see on the mountain during your ride and the hike. It can be really fascinating to hear about the history of the mountain, its formation, about its glaciers, and vegetation. It can be a truly educational experience for the children and the adults alike with a lot of fun and excitement along the way.

Your tour operator must offer you options for the ride timing as per your convenience. You should be able to choose a morning or afternoon ride. The tour should also include meals after a few hours of sightseeing. Many operators arrange for gourmet meals for such tours – be it a delicious lunch or a scrumptious afternoon tea with snacks.

Your tour operator must also arrange for transport before and after the helicopter ride. You shouldn’t need to worry about making arrangements for your transport when you simply wish to relax and enjoy the marvelous Mt. Rainier tour.

You should also be able to book your tour easily. Your operator should be able to help you out to make the perfect arrangements as per the number of guests, timing, and other facilities. All in all, right from booking the tour to you reaching safely back to your hotel, your Mt. Rainier ride must be outstanding in every way.

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