How to Get an SRRV Visa

The Importance of SRRV

SRRV Visa Philippines is typically a distinctive non-immigrant visa, which is very much different from the various other types of visas. The key intention of the government is to make the country as a favorite retirement abode for foreigners, including the Pilipino nationals who have settled down in some other countries. What makes the Philippines a friendly destination for retirement is the overall favorable living conditions, in particular, the prevailing peaceful ambiance and the warmer temperature, which makes life lively and the low living cost. The affable nature of the Philipinos makes the place all the more pleasant. Those who get the SRRV Visa Philippines can enjoy certain positive benefits.

Main Benefits

• The individual can stay permanently and enjoy numerous exit/entry rights. This means that there is the official guarantee that one can live, retire, and also invest in the country, in line with his or her need or wish.

• Will be entitled to the ‘Greet & Assist’ service, which will make the checking in and checking out from the airports effortless and speedy.

• Will have the benefits and rights of the ‘PhilHealth’ program, which is a social insurance program aimed to provide universal health coverage to the Pilipino nationals.

• The individuals concerned will be exempted from the obligation of ACR-1 card, which is issued by the government to all foreign nationals as an identification card.

• The annuities and pensions will be tax-free.

• Quality education at affordable fees for the kids.

• The individual can work anywhere in the country on getting the AEP (Alien Employment Permit).

How to Get an SRRV Visa

SRRV is the government’s commitment to the foreign nationals and the expatriate Philipinos as regards having a peaceful retired life in the country. There are lots of entailed processes while applying for the SRRV Visa Philippines. The applicant or the applicants will have to do a lot of running around for getting the paper works ready. Hence, it is always wise to take the help of an expert immigration help company to make the processes speedy and easier. It is not practical to do all the related works individually, as it will lead add up the complications, and this will hinder the process.

All of the entailed documentary works must be done precisely in line with the requirement, and the applicant must pay the needed amount; then, the agent will prepare the SRR Visa application. The agent will present this application to the ‘Bureau of Immigration’ for obtaining the official sanction. In general, the ‘immigration bureau’ will process the application within a time frame of one week or maximum, ten days. After this official approval, the applicant will get the PRA ID card (Philippine Retirement Authority ID card). This is a bona fide document and is termed as the ‘Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR)’.

When the applicant gets this card, he or she is exempted from the yearly registration requirement, re-entry permit, exit clearance, etc. One will have to submit various documental proofs such as the Passport with the recent visa stamp, PRA application form (fully and appropriately filled), birth and marriage certificates, bank certification, photos, medical clearance documents, police clearance document, etc. There are application fees and annual fees for the applicants and for the dependents. However, only when the application scrutiny is over, and the application is accepted, one will have to pay the money.

Take the Advice from Experts

It’s imperative that one should obtain the advice and assistance of a specialized immigration and visa support company that has a proven track record in providing peerless service to its customers. This is vital for obtaining the SRRV Visa Philippines easily and without any official delay. Experience counts a lot and guarantees perfection and dependability. You can choose a travel and immigration company, which is well experienced. When you see that a company has more than 3 decades of practical experience in dealing with the various intricacies that are par for the course of the process, you can certainly deem it as an experienced and reliable agency.

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